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RDF Processing System

The following is the basic outliıne of how the RDF Lines operate.

RDF separation systems contain machinery which can sort the material which is to be recycled, simultaneously reducing the size. Initially, the recyclable material is separated and organized into groups, such as metals, glass, paper etc...

RDF systems utilize the basic principles and concepts of physics. The systems can identify the properties of the material, for example the weight and magnetic conductivity.

The material which can be inputted includes plastic packaging, paper rejects, mixed waste from household , industry, and wood.

Pre-Shredding is used to reduce the size of the input material so the separation stage can occur. It is also because homogeneous RDF can be obtained for higher efficiency.

The second step is the magnetic separation that can sort the ferrous materials, which proceed onto the next stage of recycling.

The third stage is the windshifter which separates the material according to the weight. Heavier materials are isolated for the next stage.

The final step is the secondary shredding which is used to further reduce the material size.

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Feature Value
Capacity 2-5 Tons /h